Performance was prerecorded and projected into Gelegenheiten for LORE, presented by I'm Daddy (Lyndsey Walsh Bailey Keogh as part of CTM and Transmediale's Vorspiel 2022 program. LORE was a 3-day weekend of events and installations exploring the contemporary and transdisciplinary connections between magic systems and technology.
“Viral load” is an absurd performative intervention and DNA nanosculpture which explores how the consumption of conspiracy theories alters one’s reality
"Vaccine shedding” is a theory that people who have been injected with the mRNA vaccines continue to generate and spew out spike proteins after the mRNA has degraded. These spike proteins emanate through the air and strike the unvaccinated, resulting in COVID-like symptoms and draining spiritual energy.

Although it is scientifically impossible, there are lots of first hand experiences from people in anti-vaxx message groups on telegram, suggesting that these spikes may only exist in the reality of those who believe in the theory.

 To test this, I developed a DNA nanosculpture entitled “Viral Load”, which is a sperm whose head is the COVID-19 spike protein and tail is a long strand of DNA with a spike binding-site on its end. The construction of this nanosculpture takes place during a durational performance, in which I load my mouth with the DNA part of the sculpture and begin reading out loud messages and posts from these anti-vaxx telegram groups.

The shed spike protein binds to the DNA component, forming the nanosculpture in my breath as I speak; a viral load of wank emanates from my mouth in the reality of all who believe in “vaccine shedding”
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