Callum Siegmund is an emerging bio/nano-artist who, since 2020, has been a resident at SymbioticA developing his practice of DNA nanosculptures. These nanosculptures draw on multiple different nanotechnologies (including DNA Origami) to control and sculpt DNAs form at the nanoscale; interweaving double helices into imperceptible 3D objects whose form and sequence have embedded peotics. His works reflect on the absurdity of bio and nanotechnology, expressing absurdity through humour and satire as a means of epistemologically critiquing and analysing the knowledge systems which construct our beliefs; be them scientific, religious, or conspiratorial

Prior to 2020, Callum spent 5 years studying neuroscience and skeletal muscle tissue engineering, learning the language of science with the end goal being to create biotechnological artworks. His passion and skill led to working with internationally esteemed artists such as Guy Ben-Ary and Nathan Thompson on their project Bricolage, which won an honorable mention award at the 2022 Ars Electronica.
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